Michael Hatz

Associate Director

Michael has 10 years experience in commercial agency, developing a loyal and strong client list.

Typically working in the areas of the M5 fringe marketing and positioning many properties to suburb rate records in Kingsgrove, Belmore, Campsie, Canterbury, Bankstown, Padstow through to Revesby and industrial pockets between the inner south West and Inner west.

Michael has spent 5 years with Colliers and recently an active Boutique agency for the last 2 years running an independent franchise office and continuing to service his clients. His career has gone from strength to strength & has positioned himself as an experienced negotiator and trusted advisor to many within the Industrial and commercial real estate sector within all of NSW.

Michael joins LJ Hooker Commercial specialising in Industrial, residential development sites and Commercial transactions within the South West and Inner West business fringe.

Dedicated and always embracing catered marketing strategies and any unique client needs sees Michael building long lasting relationships, continual referrals and testimonials throughout his career.

Michael’s outgoing personality, energy and desire to achieve long game success for his clients means that his advice and dealings are all based on real research, market knowledge and experience with the additional resources of LJ Hooker commercial working alongside Daniel O'Brien, a market leader with exceptional synergy that can be used for relocating businesses, buyers and tenants from Southern Sydney and the inner city to the South West for the ultimate advantage to clients.

Over the years Michael has dedicated his time for many causes in his community including Cleanup Australia day, Uniting Church lunch kitchens and as a charity Auctioneer for the St George Hospital medical research department.He is also a coach at Glory Fc soccer club and a competitive tournament level Tennis player after some 15yrs of elite level sport which saw him travel and compete through to his early 20s prior to tertiary education and graduation.

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